This show, it’s so profound.


The Roots, 1995 

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my soul.


my soul.

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A 2007 Rhode Island study looked at 30 men and 30 women who had just had coronary-artery bypass surgery and tracked the medications they were given. The researchers were astonished to find that men got pain medications, while women got sedatives. With chronic pain problems, women’s symptoms are often minimized.

Judy Foreman, author of A Nation in Pain: Healing our Biggest Health Problem, looks at the prevalence of chronic pain and how we treat it differently in men and women. (via oupacademic)

I’m horrified but not astonished. 

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Studio Era Meme (film noirs 1/5)

Gilda (1946)

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Jazz Periodic Table


Jazz Periodic Table

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“I have a feeling that one day, we’re all just gonna end up in a mental hospital… fandom mental hospital, and I’m pretty convinced that you’ll be able to tell who belonged to which fandom…” [x]

yeah because being obsessed with a tv show is the same as having a serious debilitating illness!!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL SHUT THE FUCK UP, ASSHOLE


Stanley Kubrick 1940’s photography.

He writes in his noir style, using an old typewriter and listening to the crackles and pops of jazz records from long ago.

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